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Ms. Cason's class "Speaks" out!

This week, the Marvelous Community of Bears tackled one question: what does it mean to be a scientist or engineer? After much inquiry the class came up with three components that make up both of these professions: 

  1. They are naturally curious about the world around them
  2. They ask questions surrounding what they are curious about
  3. They look for answers about their questions, and investigate for possible answers

So we put this to the test. The third graders were split into groups of three, and instructed to build homemade speakers for the class to use during independent work time. The students were given empty paper towel rolls, foam cups, some tape and glue, then told to let loose. Very soon, the Marvelous Community of Bears had their speakers up, with holes cut to accommodate Miss Cason’s phone! Music was coming through easily, but like many experiments, an previously unconsidered problem arose: The speakers could not stand on their own. When the phone was placed in the hole, the speaker tipped over. So the students had to solve this issue. Each group came up with a unique solution, as you see in the pictures below. Much faster than their teacher would have taken, the students easily developed a variety of techniques to stabilize their speakers. Some fastened extra cups upside down on the bottom with tape, others cut alcoves, so the speakers could function both stationary and portable, while one group built a kickstand! Every student embraced the three crucial elements, and proved that anyone can become a scientist or engineer!